Kuppmen Artist

Johan Boere (NLD)

Drummer at Slagerij van Kampen. Owner drumschool www.drumlessen.nl.

Johan about the Kuppmen Carbon Fiber Drumsticks: ‘I’ve tried quite a few synthetic sticks but the Kuppmen drumsticks are the first in which I experience no loss of sound and playability. In the same time I have the advantage of a drumstick with a much longer lifespan. A very high durable drumstick!’

Johan Boere plays with:

What I like about the rods is whether you play 7A, 5A or 5B sticks, when you switch from sticks to rods the thickness of the rod you play is the same as the stick you just played with. This makes the playability of the sticks and rods as close as possible! And of course, a thick rod gives a little bit more body to your sound, so depending on how light or heavy you want to sound, you can choose from 3 different rods!

- Johan Boere