Kuppmen Artist

JB Pol (FRA)

Drummer at Fairyland, Hamka, Kerion and drum teacher at Antibes Music School and Tribal School

JB Pol about the Kuppmen Carbon Fiber Drumsticks: ‘These sticks are amazing! I’ve always played at rehearsals and shows with carbon sticks for durability. In another way I’d rather played with wooden sticks during my studio sessions to have a better sound and good feeling. I finally tried the Kuppmen Carbon Fiber Drumsticks and found all the criteria that I was looking for: weight, balance, sensation, sound, durability…
One stick that rules them all, Kuppmen sticks are my new work tools!’

JB Pol plays with:

About the rods: “I was amazed that playing with the Kuppmen carbon Fiber Drumrods gave me the same feeling as the sticks. An absolute balance and a sound control that is perfect for delicate songs. Just indispensable!”

- JB Pol