Kuppmen Artist

Elmar Lambers (NLD)

Drummer for Starfish

After having tried different alternatives to the wooden stick, I have come to Kuppmen. The Kuppmen Drumsticks give the feeling as if you have a wooden stick but the lifetime is much longer. The sticks also sound the same as wooden sticks. Especially in situations when you hit the cup of the cymbal is has this character distinctive from other wood-alternatives. I use the sticks live and in the studio. I advise all drummers to try these sticks out!

Elmar Lambers plays with:

When I got the Kuppmen Drumrods I was very curious how they would play. When I started playing with them I was very surprised how good the sound and feel is. I use the rods mainly for (semi) acoustic gigs. Absolutely recommended!

- Elmar Lambers