Kuppmen Artist

Eddie Claessens (NLD)

Drummer at Moondawgs, Vandale and David Redman Band
Owner/Drumcoach at Drums4Fanatics & Muziekloodz

“I came across Kuppmen Sticks via one of my drumstudents and these sticks really blew me away! They feel smooth, perfectly balanced and sound awesome! Cymbals sound both crisp and with a lot of tone, since carbon tends to react a bit like sticks with nylon tip. The heads don’t chip and stay perfectly round -and therefore sound great- untill the bitter end, that’s really nice! Snare and toms sound really rich and warm. And the last benefit: they last for a while!”

Eddie Claessens plays with:

Whenever your playing style is either heavy rock of smooth jazz, Kuppmen can provide the stick that gets the job done. And for that one quiet show, you can choose Kuppmen Rods. Same sizes and feel of the regular models (7A, 5A, 5B, 2B) with less volume!

- Eddie Claessens