Kuppmen Artist

Christopher Stropoli (USA)

Drummer for Thy Antichrist
Drummer for Monotheist
Drummer for Lamentations

Chris about The Kuppmen Carbon Fiber Drumsticks: “It was love at first sight for me. I knew I had found my new stick of choice within minutes of trying them out. I’ve tried many artificial sticks throughout the years but I’ve never found one I liked until now. Kuppmen have knocked it out of the park with their Carbon Fiber Drumsticks! They may feel like other sticks, but nothing feels like a Kuppmen.”

Christopher Stropoli plays with:

As a Progressive Metal drummer, I love having options. The Kuppmen Carbon Fiber Rods give me those options. The different sizes of rods are prefect for dealing in how much attack I want when playing the softer sections in my songs. Plus, as we all know, wooden rods last about as long as a drumstick made out of butter. But with the Kuppmen rods I no longer have to worry about their durability!

- Christopher Stropoli