Kuppmen Artist

Alan Childs (USA)

Session drummer for John Waite, David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Chuck Berry, Eddie Van Halen, Bill Connors, Peter Frampton, Nona Hendryx, Pete Townshend, Natalie Cole and many more.

Alan Childs about the Kuppmen Carbon Fiber Drumsticks : ‘I just finished a two week tour with the great John Waite. A hard hitting rocking gig. John likes when I hit strong and with confidence (the way I play in general). I’m using Kuppmen Carbon Fiber Drumsticks 5B’s. They feel great in my hands. Every snare hit is with the rim. I am in shock that ONE PAIR HAS LASTED 13 SHOWS. I find this unbelievable. Normally I go through one to two pair a night on wooden sticks. Feel & longevity is what’s happening here. I’m addicted to Kuppmen sticks!’

Alan Childs plays with:

I’m addicted to Kuppmen sticks!

- Alan Childs