Kuppmen Artist

Aeilko van der Wagen (NLD)

Drummer at The Rebel Tell Band

I have been playing with the Kuppmen Carbon Fiber Drumsticks for a while now and don’t want anything else! They have a good balance and a good sound. To me they are much better than wooden sticks. I can play 3 to 4 live shows a week for 6 months with 1 pair; Wooden sticks break after 8 shows… This is the best choice for every drummer!
In short: I only want the good stuff! I want Kuppmen!

Aeilko van der Wagen plays with:

What I like about the Kuppmen Drumrods? The same as the drumsticks! They are the perfect tool for the best (semi) acoustic shows!!

- Aeilko van der Wagen