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All the familiarity of wood, with a seriously longer lifespan. Try our Carbon Fiber Drumsticks or Carbon Fiber Drumrods for yourself.

Our drumsticks

Carbon Fiber

Ultra-durable Carbon Fiber Drumsticks that play like a dream. All the advantages of wood, none of the weaknesses.

  • Kuppmen Music can supply the 5A – 5B and 7A models
  • Same weight, shape, size, balance and rebound as wooden sticks
  • Up to 10 times longer-lasting than wood
About the Drumsticks

Carbon Fiber

Need to take it down a notch? Carbon Fiber drumrods let you keep things balanced in smaller venues, like pubs or theatres.

  • Much stronger than wooden drumrods – at least 30 times longer lifespan
  • Same feel as a traditional drumstick, but up to 20db less volume
  • Unique sound, suitable for all styles
About the Drumrods


Want that acoustic feel on your electric kit? Play with our Kuppmen RebounControl Drumsticks. Less rebound, more control.

  • Carbon fiber sticks with innovative bounce regulation
  • Same weight, shape, size and balance as regular drumsticks
  • Available in the 5A - 5B and 7A models
About RebounControl

About Kuppmen Music
I’ve seen the future, and it’s carbon fiber.

My name is Wouter Menken. I’m a drummer with over 30 years’ experience; and on the side, I’m an entrepreneur. In January 2015 my life changed completely when I went searching for the people behind the ‘forgotten company’ Carbostick. Read more