All the familiarity of wood, with a seriously longer lifespan. Try our Carbon Fiber Drumsticks or Carbon Fiber Drumrods for yourself.

Our drumsticks

Carbon Fiber

Ultra-durable Carbon Fiber Drumsticks that play like a dream. All the advantages of wood, none of the weaknesses.

  • Kuppmen Music can supply the 5A – 5B and 7A models
  • Same weight, shape, size, balance and rebound as wooden sticks
  • A seriously longer lifespan
About the Drumsticks

Carbon Fiber

Need to take it down a notch? Carbon Fiber drumrods let you keep things balanced in smaller venues, like pubs or theatres.

  • Much stronger than wooden drumrods – a seriously longer lifespan
  • The length and diameter of our rods are identical to your standard drumsticks
  • Unique sound, suitable for all styles of music, models 5A, 5B, 7A, 2B
About the Drumrods

Flat or Spring

Experiment and find new sounds. Designed to create new sounds on drums and percussion.

  • Kuppmen introduces the uniquely designed and handmade TwigStik Flat and the TwigStik Spring
  • The Kuppmen TwigStiks have a surprising sound and feel and spark new creativity
  • Both TwigStiks are suitable for drummers and percussionists, and are also suitable for mesh headed e-drums
About TwigStik

Frequently Asked Questions

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